I will give you expert advice and teach you, by way of video tutorials, so that you can learn in a practical way how to massage your senior dog and make him feel better!  


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Are you:

  • Feeling stuck as to what you can do to help your dog?
  • Afraid it's just 'old age' and nothing will help?
  • Scared that you might hurt him more than help him?
  • Unsure as to how to massage your dog?

But would you:  

  • Would you... like your dog to be as mobile and comfortable as possible?
  • Would you... like your dog to be less 'stiff'?
  • Would you... like to better understand your dog's stiffness, aches and muscle tensions?
  • Would you... like to enhance the bond with your dog even more?

You can, by learning how to massage your dog!  

Hi, I am Nathalie. I am an Animal Physiotherapist and Canine Massage Therapist

I am super passionate about dogs, and specifically, senior dogs will always have a soft spot in my heart. Why? Because I have been there and know what wonderful little souls they are! I love teaching senior dog owners how they can proactively help their beloved pets feel as comfortable as possible.

I am an Animal Physiotherapist, Canine Massage Therapist and Canine Fitness Trainer.

I treat senior dogs daily at my practice and have noticed firsthand how beneficial massages are for them. My clients often ask me how they can help their dog be more comfortable and mobile and how they could massage their dog to achieve this. 

I have seen, time after time, how even some simple massage techniques can easily be learned and applied at home while still having a beneficial effect on dogs. 

I am a Fear Free® Certified Professional. I strongly believe that we need to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in our dogs during any veterinary treatment we give them. The same goes for massage as this would negate the beneficial effects. I am a big believer in giving your dog a voice as reflected in my face-to-face business as well as my online courses. 

I have been in your position with my dog and know how much massage has benefited him! 

"I will be using this as an ongoing reference for my senior dog Kimmik and those dogs that will enter into my life sooner or later. Excellent idea and excellent course!"

Heather & Kimmik, Luxembourg

"I have never thought of the difference between human -and dog skin. This is a very useful start for the course. So we for come hurting our dog and make him / her hate the massage.. This could be the first step to success. Great stuff ‼️"

Ilse & Kappi, The Netherlands

"Very useful course. Well build, with lots of information. The 'insider tips' are very useful too. Well explained techniques. Started massaging my lab, Scotty, who absolutely adores it. I feel more comfortable now doing this, knowing that I have a basic understanding of the techniques to be used. "

Richard & Scotty, United Kingdom
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Frequently Asked Questions

Be reassured this is very common question! Massage is beneficial for every dog... The techniques I will explain are simple to learn, shown on video, and will benefit any dog. 

Do not worry! This is a very common concern. The massage techniques I will show you are kind techniques that have specifically been selected with the older dog in mind. I will show you on video how to do it, so that you do not have to fear doing anything wrong. 

Yes absolutely! This course is will be very beneficial if your dog has hip, elbow or other dysplasia as massage will make them feel better!

Oh my favourite question. Yes! I will go into quite a bit of detail regarding arthritis as this is a very common condition in - not only - senior dogs. Arthritis will make them stiff and sore. Massage is one of the actions YOU can do at home to help your arthritic dog feel better! We can't cure your dog's arthritis, but you sure can learn how to help him be more comfortable, right from your home!


Without a doubt YES! Yes, the massage techniques you will learn have been selected with the older dog in mind. However, these techniques can absolutely be applied to dogs of any age, shape and size and will benefit younger dogs as well. Even better, you'll get to learn to know your dog's body in more detail when you massage him, and this can only benefit both him and you as he gets older. Plus, it's a great way to build an even better bond with your dog!

Good question! Although massages are beneficial for dogs, a massage will NOT replace a veterinary visit or diagnosis! This course does not replace any veterinary or physiotherapy visits, your dog might need. If in doubt, always speak to your veterinarian.

 This is not uncommon and I will explain in detail how to best approach dogs that are nervous, stressed or would rather walk away. Everything in my course is about giving your dog a choice and reading your dog's signs of stress and discomfort and acting accordingly. When you follow this advice that I will give you, even the most skeptical of dogs often learn to love massages with time.

Let's break down the online course: 'From Tight Muscles to Nimble Limbs: How to Massage your Senior Dog' and see what you will learn.

The entire course is a combination of narrated slides and practical videos so that you can SEE how to do the massage techniques and revisit this as often as you need to!


Learn why a massage is beneficial, what the contraindications are and what the differences are between massage for dogs and humans. 

You will also learn how to see if your dog is enjoying the massage or if he feels uncomfortable, as well as how to set up and get started with a massage routine where you dog is being given a voice in his treatment.


In this module, you'll learn some of the specifics of senior dogs: when are dogs considered senior, signs of dogs getting older and specific measures we need to take into account when massaging a senior dog. 

You'll also learn about pain and stiffness in dogs, with a focus on  arthritis, and how massages can help dogs suffering from stiffness. 


In this module, you'll learn some interesting and good-to-know information about the canine anatomy, and we'll also go into some of the differences between human and dog anatomy.

Having a basic understanding of this will teach you to better understand your dog's body when you are giving him a massage. 


You will learn 6 massage techniques, specifically selected with the older pet in mind. 

These techniques are explained in video tutorials. That way, you can clearly see how to perform these, and you can review them as much as needed so that you will feel comfortable in the end when massaging your dog. 

All this for a one time payment of only Eur 99.99!

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